Staff Reflections: Jill (Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force)

This year, the Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force and partners of the Grey Bruce Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) took a closer look at the impact of the program.  We know that 12% of people in Grey Bruce live with low incomes.  We know that 39,130 people in Grey, Bruce, and Huron Counties were eligible to access this free program in 2022 but only 3,050 did. 

We asked people when and why they used the program, and one new user of the program said: “I wish more people would take advantage of the [CVITP] program and relieve more pressure. Some people are ashamed to be earning a low income. Had I known that I was eligible I would have used it years ago. I was able to pay for much-needed heart medication.  I always worked low-income jobs and didn’t want to pay taxes to the government. I was able to file my back taxes. I didn’t realize I could get money through tax filing.  I will now file every year.”  

From March to June 2023,  332 people utilized the CVITP program through 2 local partners – The Meeting Place Tobermory and South East Grey Community Health Centre to access over $1 million ($1,165,528) in income benefits, tax credits, and results across 5 municipalities.  

The reason more people can access vital services is because of our supporters.