Our Mission, Mandate & More

United Way of Bruce Grey board members are charged with making important decisions and carry the responsibility for the actions of the organization.  They make informed decisions based on access to current and historical information about the organization. Attendance at meetings is essential for understanding the current issues and sharing opinions

Mission Statement of the United Way:  To meet unmet needs in Bruce and Grey Counties by mobilizing volunteer and financial resources in the common cause of caring.

Mandate of the United Way:

The United Way is an autonomous organization, which builds upon the strength of volunteers and voluntary action by engaging the whole community for the benefit of the whole community. Governed by a local Board of Directors along with other volunteers and staff, the United Way helps to build caring communities and respond to a broad range of human needs on a local scale.

We Have 3 Priorities

From Poverty to Possibility

From Poverty to Possibility targets poverty, homelessness and neighbourhoods. The goal is to help people engage in their community by strengthening neighbourhood revitalization efforts, reducing poverty, and improving access to affordable housing.


Healthy People, Strong Communities

Healthy People, Strong Communities targets vulnerable people, people with barriers and in need of support, seniors and victims of violence and abuse. The goal is to improve opportunities for people to access programs and supports that empower them to overcome barriers, build resilience, reduce isolation and be part of a caring, inclusive community.


All that Kids Can Be

All that Kids Can Be targets early years, children & families and youth. The goal is to ensure children and youth are valued and supported members of the community with opportunities and resources to help them reach their fullest potential.

All Kids Can Be