The United Way has a few front line programs.  For all the information on these programs you can call 211.  We keep 211 up to date on all our programs and they are there 24-7.


Utility Assistance Program

The Utility Assistance Program provides financial assistance for individuals experiencing difficulty paying their current heating bills.  The program runs from January 2 – December 31 each year (unless funds are depleted before Dec 31).

The maximum grant is $500 per household per year, per utility.  The grant is credited directly towards the bill.  To access people should call 211.  We may be able to arrange a hold on a disconnection notice while a case is being reviewed. It is much harder for us to help if you have already been disconnected, so don’t delay, call now!

Financial Literacy – Financial Advice Program

Are you struggling with debt?

Are you not sure how to manage your money?

Is someone telling you you need to “learn to budget” but there just doesn’t seem to be enough money to budget?

Spend an hour with Holly Devlin and you will become much more confident in how you manage the money you have.  It’s amazing to hear feedback from people once they realize that they have been actually doing very well, the issue is simply not ENOUGH money.  Holly is full of tips and tricks for budgeting and stretching dollars, as well as long term planning.

Appointments are required and are always free.  Please call tel: 519 376 1560 to make an appointment or email

Other programs

211 is a terrific resource for finding different programs in our community to help with the day to day challenges.  However, just to lend a little insight into what you might be missing, here is a start on some of the more vital and most used programs in Grey Bruce. THESE PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY TO HOUSEHOLDS THAT FIT THE LOW INCOME CRITERIA.

O.E.S.P.: Starting January 1st, 2016, low income households can now receive a monthly credit on their Hydro Bill of, at least $30.00.  The credit will continue for 2, 3 or 5 years, depending on income. Call 211 to register first.

Sustainable Housing Benefit (Grey County): The County offers a grant to help with emergency housing needs including critical repairs, rent arrears, utility costs, moving expenses etc. Call 519-376-5744.

Housing Stability Fund (Bruce County): The County offers a grant to help with emergency housing needs including critical repairs, rent arrears, utility costs, moving expenses etc. Call 1-800-265-3022 or 396-3450

Ontario Renovates: Both Counties offer a grant to help with major critical home repairs and/or renovations such as roofing, heating, plumbing etc.  Call 1-800-265-3022 or 396-3450 in Bruce or 376-2208 in Grey.

Ecofitt (Natural Gas customers only): If you heat with natural gas, the Ecofitt program will come into your home to assess your heating efficiency.  They will insulate basement to attic if that is the cause of heat loss, draft proof doors and windows and weather strip where needed.  Call 211 to register first.

HAP/Greensaver/SaveOnEnergy: The Home Assistance Program is focused on helping all electricity users  to cut down on their usage by way of replacing old appliances such as a frig, freezer, air conditioner and de-humidifier. Call 211 to register first.


Backpack Program – July & August

The Backpack Program provides school supplies to school age children who live at or below the poverty line  the Backpack Program was created to support families who cannot afford new school supplies

Requests can be made by calling 519-376-1560