#FinancialFridays: Wish lists and holiday shopping.

As Christmas approaches, the flyers and advertisements and social media posts are everywhere! The pressure to spend is real… and the pressure is intense.

This year, try using wish lists instead of putting things right into your cart… both while real-life shopping and shopping online.

In real life, keep a running wishlist for yourself and your kids. When you are ready to buy Christmas gifts, you will have some great ideas for gifts and can give yourself the time to sift through the wanted items to decide a) what is the maximum amount you have to spend per person, and b) which wished-for-items were “in-the-moment” wants and which are more long lasting. Give yourself the time and space to make decisions that are based on your realistic financial situation and buy items that can be valued for longer.

It is even easier online to do this. Almost all online shopping websites have some sort of wish list or star feature that lets you keep track of those items you want in the moment. Then you can come back later and decide if you really want that item or not and make a plan that fits your budget.