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#FinancialFridays: PIN Safety and Keeping Your Finances Secure

This news story from CTV is a good lesson in banking safety: Ontario woman warns about choosing credit card PIN after RBC refuses to refund $8,772: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-woman-warns-about-choosing-credit-card-pin-after-rbc-refuses-to-refund-8-772-1.5895738 Unfortunately Ms. Ego-Auirre chose an easy to remember PIN for her banking all those years ago, she chose her birthday. This made it

#FinancialFridays: Tax Scams (and how to protect yourself and your money)

TOP 3 TAX SCAM ALERTS Scams and fraudulent schemes are present all year round but most rampant and dangerous during this tax season. The most common tactic scammers employ is the creation of FEAR, anger or excitement! Stirring strong emotions equals fast actions. These con artists aim for vulnerability and

#FinancialFridays: Covid-19 and Tax Filing in Ontario

The Covid-19 pandemic brought financial hardship to millions of Canadian residents and they sought the support of government benefits. People who received COVID-19 emergency or recovery benefit payments in 2021 ask these 5 questions during this tax season; 1. Will the COVID-19 benefit payments affect my 2021 taxes? YES. If

#FinancialFridays: The Federal Government has announced they will repay clawbacks for low-income seniors.

The Federal Government has announced that they are moving up the timeline to repay clawbacks for low-income seniors. These benefits will be distributed to low-income seniors who saw their income top-ups reduced because they received emergency pandemic aid. Payments may flow sooner for those in dire need. The federal government

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