Make More, Make it Monthly, Make it Manageable!

Making payments more regularly

Wow, when my water and sewer bill would come in every few months, it was difficult to find the money to pay it in full as it was so BIG. I was so grateful when, my municipality has changed the billing cycle to monthly. It is much easier to keep up with now!

If you have bills that come in less regularly, you can make payments part of your regular budgeting. For bills that may, like water and sewer or property tax, that come in less regularly, divide the amount by the number of months between bills and make those smaller payments monthly. They will show as credits on your bills and lower the amount you must pay when the final bill comes in.

Even if you can’t make a full monthly payment, any money you can put towards it will help lower the actual bill you receive in the end.

It is much easier to plan for monthly payments than it is for ones that are less regular.

With this in mind, Owen Sound Water and Sewer Rates will increasing by 4%. This will take effect for the July billing cycle. For a typical family of four who use 200 cubic metres of water per year, this is expected to increase water bills by $6.37 per month or $76.47 per year.

Thank you to The Sun Times for their article on this: Owen Sound water rates going up four per cent | Owen Sound Sun Times