#FinancialFridays: Teaching kids about budgeting with Halloween Candy.

Teaching your kids about Budgeting using Halloween Candy

Do you remember the thrill and excitement of dumping out your candy on your floor after a night of running around the neighbourhood? I loved sorting the candy and deciding which candies to eat immediately and which to save for later. Would I eat a token chocolate bar right away and then save the rest for later. Then I usually went on to Tootsie rolls and caramels. In a world ruled by adults, this was a choice all my own; what freedom!

In school I had an Economics teacher tell us she taught her kids about budgeting using their Halloween Candy… and I scoffed. What a crazy idea. But now, as a parent, I see the value in this. And Credit Canada spelled it out in even more detail.

Read “How to Teach Financial Planning Through Halloween” by Credit Canada to find out how to help the small people in your life learn valuable lessons. They may even pay you for your time and effort with a Tootsie Roll.

Visit: https://www.creditcanada.com/blog/ration-candy-like-money-teach-financial-planning-halloween

Caroline Araujo Abbotts

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