United Way Bruce Grey Fire Fund receives clear donor mandate

Over ninety-five percent of respondents to United Way’s donor poll indicate support for surplus to become a broader disaster fund

Owen Sound, ON – United Way’s poll of donors to the August 10 Fire Fund found that 95.6% of respondents support using the surplus from the fund to create a broader Disaster Fund. Only 2.9% of donors who responded were not in favour of this proposal.

At the end of March, United Way announced it would poll all receipted donors who contributed to the August 10 Fire Fund, to get their input on broadening the purpose of the donations. Since that time, United Way has received 735 responses (a 70% return rate).

“It is clear from the responses that our donors understand the value of having a broader disaster fund,” explained United Way Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn. “Some highlighted the recent floods in Williamsford as an example of where this assistance could have had a major impact on our community.”

These poll results and other documentation will now go through the court system, in order to have the fund formally expanded to include future community disasters.

United Way continues to engage with victims of the August 10 fire, providing advocacy and additional funds where appropriate.