United Way Annual General Meeting celebrates another record breaking year.

United Way Annual General Meeting celebrates another record breaking year.

March 28 2018

The United Way of Bruce Grey is announcing a fundraising total of $1.1 million for the 2017 year.

“We have focused on growing the organization, building new partnerships and creating new community supports. We are also pleased to be able to continue to support our partner agencies by increasing our allocations each year” states outgoing board chair Nick Lovell.

Lovell highlights the creation of Hope for Our Kids and a renewed partnership with Bruce Grey Child & Family Services and Bruce Power’s 3 year pledge of $1.6 million as significant events for 2017.

Another highlight in 2017 was first the interim ban—followed by the permanent ban—on electricity disconnections in winter, something the United Way had been advocating for a decade.

Incoming board chair Virginia McFarland looks forward to more community impact in 2018, “we are just finishing a new 5 year strategic plan and the new Making Grey Bruce Home project will address more need in our community.”

At Wednesday night’s Annual General Meeting, the United Way will be distributing $167,500 in grants to area organizations that are addressing community needs.

“Our agencies are responding to emerging needs while addressing the current needs in the community, and we are pleased to support their efforts to bring hope back into the lives of vulnerable people in our community” says Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn.

For more information please contact:

Francesca Dobbyn 519 376 1560


To reach Nick Lovell or Virginia McFarland please let Francesca know and she will put them in contact with you





Agency Grants 2018

Canadian Mental Health Association                                                                                       

Brunch Program                                                                                                   $5,000.00
Working together, the garden project not only provides job ready skills, a wage and overall increased feelings of self-worth for the garden staff, but also provides an abundance of garden-fresh produce for the 60 meals a day served by the Union Place Brunch program.

Friends & Neighbours Club                                                                               $5,000.00
FAN program uses child-sized puppets to talk to children ages 4 to 11 about mental health.  By starting the conversation about good mental health early, we are increasing the mental literacy of our next generation.  We also know that 1 in 5 youth will be affected by a mental health issue and best practice for recovery requires early intervention and access to services.

Garden Project                                                                                                      $5,000.00
Working together, the garden project not only provides job ready skills, a wage and overall increased feelings of self-worth for the garden staff, but also provides an abundance of garden-fresh produce for the 60 meals a day served by the Union Place Brunch program.

ID Clinic                                                                                                                 $3,550.00
ID Clinic as a pilot project to assist individuals in acquiring essential identification who would not be able to afford it or be daunted by the process

Let’s Talk                                                                                                                $5,000.00
A mental health and mental illness awareness program for intermediate, high school and college students designed to reach out and help intermediate, high school and college youth develop and maintain good Mental Health, while decreasing the stigma surrounding Mental Illness and its treatment.

Fresh Roots Café                                                                                                 $3,000.00
Our commercial kitchen project is an entrepreneurial not-for-profit approach to addressing social issues, unemployment, poverty and creating positive community change by offering training and / or employment to people who are typically excluded from the mainstream economy, this creates employment capacity and self-sufficiency for individuals, and impacts their communities while lessening reliance on the social safety net.

Men’s Program                                                                                                    $15,000.00
To help men who are abusive towards women change their behaviours and attitudes and develop respectful relationships.

Durham & District Food Bank                                                                                   $7,000.00
Core operations of the food bank

Ontario Student Nutrition Program                                                                       $11,000.00
Breakfast cheese program at all area schools

Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services                                                                               

Residence Program                                                                                           $15,000.00
To help move suicidal, depressed and anxious youth in the direction of wellness by providing therapeutic and alternative recreational activities (which currently are not available with existing funds). New experiences, dealing with anxiety and depression and moving towards wellness in general are the goals sought for the individuals with this type of programming.

Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library                                                                 

Teen Advisory Group                                                                                          $ 1,500.00
For 2017 we are working with a team of youth volunteers to provide free technology training to seniors and other adults in our community

South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy                                                                                            

Community Volunteer Tutor Program                                                              $ 5,000.00
In addition to our one-on-one core tutoring program, we continue to offer drama workshops for kinesthetic learners in a group setting, and presentations and workshops for parents and other adult allies who support these learners.  We continue to develop alternatives for learners for whom existing programs are not a good fit.


The Meeting Place Tobermory                                                                                                  

          Food Bank                                                                                                             $4,700.00
Financial support in the past has helped us manage the program through the ups and downs and the donation side. The United Way helps the organization with area donors so food donations stay at a consistent level.

Project Development & Community Coordination                                          $2,500.00
For Community Information & Resource Coordination (CIRC) the majority of the 88 individuals and families served last year accessed the service directly which indicates people are comfortable  with the  service. For youth group, the  age is 10 – 15 so all Tobermory children schooled at Lion Head have an   evening activity to go to. We have reintroduced Sports Night and  music and arts mentoring for older youth based on requests.

Children and Youth Programming                                                                       $700.00
CHILDREN: SOAR after school program at The Meeting Place Tobermory provides a safe, positive, healthy environment for children ages 4 – 7 that encourages them to build self confidence, while enabling them to learn and take part in supervised recreation, resulting in strong, positive relationships with their peers outside of the school atmosphere.

Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth                                                                           $3,000.00
This program provides for direct client expenses not covered by any other program and may include emergency accommodation/food/transportation/clothing and resources to help them understand their situation.

Women’s House Serving Bruce & Grey                                                                                  

          Child Witness                                                                                                       $ 5,000.00
Children who witness domestic violence in the home are more prone to at-risk behaviours. Much support is needed for them to take each step to getting help.  The need is expressed by schools contacting the Child Witness Program and requesting their presence.

Outreach Community Counselling                                                                   $5,000.00
The Outreach program is an initiative that meets women’s and children’s needs for safety and healing.  It works to build strong families by supporting violence prevention efforts and ensuring families are supported within their home communities.

Second Stage Housing                                                                                       $6,000.00
The Second Stage Program continues to support women who may also need support with housing, and assistance with accessing and navigating support systems.  Besides this individual support, the Second Stage Counsellor has 3 support groups which lasted from 6 to 10 weeks.

Safe N Sound                                                                                                                                 

Co-ordinator                                                                                                         $ 3,000.00
Will ensure that most vulnerable people in our community have access to nutritious food while providing crisis housing intervention services and supports and appropriate referrals to the other community partners.

Lunch Program                                                                                                     $4,000.00
Support the lunch program that in 2017 provided lunch for 40 – 70 people per day.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Owen Sound                                                                                   

Volunteer recruitment                                                                                          $4,750.00
The “Be a Hero” Volunteer Recruitment, Screening & Training Project” addresses the local need of finding the most suitable volunteers and updating our inclusivity policies and training program to include the LGBTQ+, newcomers and other minority community members. We must educate current and new volunteers that are matched as mentors with the children that are on our waiting list for service, as well as staff and board members to safe spaces within our organization.

Summer Camp                                                                                                     $ 3,500.00
The Send Littles to Summer Camp” addresses the local need of assisting at-risk youth that are involved in our mentoring program, whom otherwise would not have the means to attend a summer camp, go for one week in the summer.

St John Ambulance                                                                                                    $ 2,500.00
First Aid kits to families involved with BGCFS and United Way funded agencies.

 211 Community Connection                                                                                  $45,000.00
Provide 211 services to all of Bruce Grey, provide utility and backpack intake services while maintaining the database of organizations and programs