The Reach Centre Grey/Bruce offers their thanks and appreciation to our amazing donors.

The Reach Centre Grey/Bruce

In 2019, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to donate iPads as a teaching tool to the participants of the Reach Centre Grey/Bruce. Not only were the participants able to learn safe social media usage but the iPads acted as a communications tool for those that are not verbal and do not have the means within their own families to afford these devices.
We received a wonderful letter of thanks from The Reach Centre’s Executive Director – Jennifer Miller. She explained that there has been another unanticipated benefit of these iPads. “Many of our families are in crisis due to COVID‐19 and the necessity of physical closure of the REACH Centre. As a result, my team has been nimble and innovative in shifting to a virtual landscape including regular phone calls, mailing out weekly activity kits and Zoom meetings where they can see their friends and know they are not alone. It is fantiastic for
families with the ability to adopt utilizing these new communication platforms however, we have many participants living on their own without supports and very very vulnerable.”
Jennifer also explained that one of their participants lives alone, is non-verbal and has no support. “We loaded Zoom onto a REACH iPad and delivered it to her. She has her own tablet loaded with the communication software she needs to express herself however, she cannot interact with her friends when she needs the device to see the Zoom chat. Thanks to you (the donors), she can use her own devide to interact, and the REACH iPad to be included in
the conversation. These opportunities for inclusion and connection are a lifeline to our participants and your (donor) support has made a huge impact.”
This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story that could not have been possible without our incredible donors. This thank you is really for you. Your support means that a wonderful difference is being made right here in our community and lives are being touched. Thank you so much for that. 
For more information about the Reach Centre Grey/Bruce, please visit: or call (519) 377-9204.

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