The Grey Bruce Health Unit recommends a meal plan that is both delicious and economical.

Looking for recommendations on eating well and stretching your food and those dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Grey Bruce Health Unit has developed a 2 week meal plan that is both delicious and economical and can work well with food bank provisions.

This meal plan is intended to be a guide only. Making larger amounts is recommended as it provides meals for following days or meals that can be frozen.

Other things to consider:
– Opt for vegetables that store well such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and onions.
– Bread Supplies may be in low supply. Consider English muffins, pita bread or wraps instead.
– Portion control will be key to having supplies last long especially for staples such as rice and pasta.

It is acknowledged that not everyone and will have the food supplies or cooking equipment that might be required so the basic idea is to make the best of what you have available at home.

Meal Planning During COVID-19Sample Food Supply List