Starlight Film Festival tonight – what you need to know

Unless it has been prearranged, all attendees have to stay at the event until 7:30 am and those that came on the bus, have to go home on the bus.

Tickets are available at the United Way office until 4:30 pm and then at the Galaxy from 6 pm until 10 pm.

If there are still tickets available they will be sold at the door, but only after everyone else has come inside.

Please dress warm!

If you need to reach staff use the contact form below – our ability to check Facebook is limited as we use Blackberries and Facebook disabled the app (don’t get me started).



Pick up at

WDCS at 10:45PM,

JDSS at 11:00PM and

CDHS at 11:15PM.


Return to

CDHS at 8:45AM,

JDSS at 9:00AM and

WDCS at 9:15AM.


Dundalk – Flesherton – Markdale

Pick up:

Foodland – Dundalk (10:30 PM),

GHSS (10:45 PM),

Foodland – Markdale (11:00 PM)



9:15 AM (Foodland – Markdale),

9:30 AM (GHSS), and

10:00 AM (Foodland – Dundalk).