Printing proof of Covid-19 vaccination

  • All Bruce County libraries will assist in printing and laminating vaccine receipts for free. 

  • The following libraries Grey County Libraries offer printing
    • Southgate Public Library – free printing
    • Grey Highlands Libraries (Flesherton, Kimberly and Walter Harris) – $25/page printing charge
    • Meaford Public Library – free printing
    • Hanover Public Library –   25 cents/page printing charge, lamination can be done at the store next to the library at cost
    • The Blue Mountains Libraries (Thornbury, Craig Leith) – free printing 
    • West Grey Libraries (Durham, Neustadt, Ayton) – free printing and free lamination at the Durham branch.
    • Starting Tuesday, Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library will assist in printing for free and lamination for a fee ($2.00)