Halloween Safety Tips

🔸Carry a flashlight and select a costume with bright colours and reflective material to increase visibility to drivers.

▪Use makeup instead of masks as masks can reduce your ability to see obstacles, vehicles, and other people.

🔸Avoid baggy, long, and oversized costumes that can be a tripping hazard.

▪Walk, don’t run, and remember to stop, look, and listen before crossing the street.

🔸Never crisscross the street, instead cross at crosswalks or intersections.

▪Never trick or treat alone, go in a group or with an adult.

🔸If trick or treating with friends tell your parents/guardians your route and when you will be home.

▪Stay in familiar neighbourhoods and only go to homes that are well-lit and that are participating in Halloween.

🔸Never go inside a house to get your treat.

▪Always have your treats checked by an adult before eating them.