#FinancialFridays: If you lost your job because you weren’t vaccinated, you might not be eligible for IE. Here’s what you should know.

Some workers may have lost their jobs due to not being vaccinated. If you are in this situation, you may not be eligible for Employment Insurance. These resource can provide some information for you.

If you are not eligible for EI, you can apply for Ontario Works, a monthly income support program. This is not a long-term solution but may be available to you to help get through a short period of time. Ontario Works Caseworkers can also connect you with resources to help.


The fastest way to apply is through the online portals, which you can find on the websites above.

If you need help getting your finances back on track, reach out to Caroline, our Financial Literacy Program Coordinator at advice@unitedwaybg.com or 519-376-1560. She can help you look at your financial situation and decide on a path forward.