Donations to the Fire Fund

Thank you to everyone who has supported the August 10th Fire Fund.  At this point, due to the incredible response, we’re closing the funds to all individual donations.  We know of at least 3 more special events – August 26th, September 3rd and one October 18th (to be announced) that will continue to support the Fire Fund.  There is a 4th and when we know the date we will let you know.

There has been over $200 000 donate today and with all the other events planned we know the immediate AND ongoing needs of those affected will be well looked after.

We encourage you to support the remaining events.

A full accounting of the funds raised will be transparent to those involved in the August 10th fire with a report to the community to follow, that maintains privacy and confidentiality, but also is transparent and accountable.

To be clear, we are still accepting donations, we are just no longer out actively fundraising and seeking donations for this fund.  Everyone who has planned an effort and an event will have the support of the United Way to that effort.