Bruce Grey Seniors’ Centre Without Walls – April 2021 Calendar: Please join us!

Please join us! There is a lot going on this month at the Bruce Grey Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (BGSCWW). Given that we are now under a “Stay-At-Home Order” – it’s a perfect time to give the program a try and connect with local seniors as well. Everyone is welcome to take part.

The program is geared towards adults 55+ years and those 18+ who identify as having a disability. It provides a medium for a diverse community of people to connect by telephone for free group activities and informative, interactive presentations. The project supports healthy aging by addressing senior isolation by inviting seniors to participate in telephone and or video conferencing.

The program will also host a variety of speakers and mentors related to the topics of mental health and dementia including steps to keep your brain active and healthy through activities and connecting with others.

SCWW offers an inclusive, safe, inviting space to listen, learn and be heard, and to increase social connectedness and well-being of participants.

For more information about Seniors’ Centre Without Walls, contact Misty at 519-376-1560 /