Staff Reflections: Robin (Food Security Coordinator)

Food Security

The reason I get to support community members struggling with food insecurity is because of our donors.

Receiving calls and visits from community members struggling to locate food support in their area is a very stressful moment for them. Food insecurity is ever-rising in our communities, people accessing food support has never been higher. Being able to support these community members in locating their local food banks and food support gives them a bit of hope that they can use these services as a step. Helping people learn the process and become more comfortable in accessing food support programs is part of reducing the stigma, returning dignity, and lessening the stress they are feeling at that moment.

Some of the calls come from community members new to the area who are looking for programs like our Good Food Box. They are familiar with the program from their previous home and are looking to access a local program. Directing them to their closest location and giving them details on the ordering process helps them access fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.

This program allows them to try foods they otherwise may not have, some come back the following month and mention how much they like spaghetti squash or rutabaga. The Good Food Box program brings the community together around food, the program is run by volunteers in the community. It is a great way to make new connections and become closer to neighbours and fellow community members.