Staff Reflections: Misty (Admin & Project Coordinator)

A client was coming in looking for help with utilities. This person was dealing with multiple issues and was at the end of their rope. They fell apart crying and were apologizing for crying. I just got them to sit down and take a breath. We talked about what was going on and prioritized the problems into what we could help with and what needed immediate attention.

They had been going through some tough times and were also helping friends and family members out in various ways.

He later came in and thanked me for being understanding and helpful with referrals to other programs and resources available in their community. Watching the weight lift off of their shoulders was really something amazing to witness. They said now that some of their worry was gone, and they could focus on the other issues at hand. It amazes me sometimes how just the smallest thing like listening and being understanding can make such a big impact on people.

Without the support from our community, I wouldn’t be able to help our clients access our programs.