Gen Next

This innovative group will bring together a diverse and inclusive group of Next Generation Leaders to support one cause – making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Our participants will benefit from collaboration, networking, and mentorship opportunities, as well as learn valuable skills such as public speaking, effective communication, problem-solving, and team-building.

Next Generation Leaders will:

– Gain a deeper understanding of the current needs in the community
– Demonstrate leadership skills by taking initiative and acting as mentors to their peers
– Develop a strong foundation of knowledge and resources to better the lives of their peers
– Share their unique experiences and learn from one another
– Expand their networks and create long-term relationships with inspiring individuals
– Create a ripple effect that positively impacts the community in which they live
– And ultimately, be part of a movement to create a better future for all.

Through collaboration, creativity, and a holistic perspective, this group aims to foster equitable solutions that benefit all parts of society. Members of this program will be empowered to make meaningful changes in their community and beyond.

Pasts Events

April 23, 2022: Port Elgin Beach Clean up for Earth Day

October 25th, 2023: Lunch with Local Leaders

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