Fundraising Ideas for Your Campaign

Services– Auction your employees’ special talents as prizes. Guitar lessons, cooking dinner, valet parking, or buying & delivering coffee every day for a week for example.
Silent, live, or email– Employees and/or departments and/or union locals can donate baskets or prizes to the auction. People write their bid on a bidding sheet (silent/email) or have a Guest Auctioneer use paddles to bid (live).

Bake/ Book/ Garage Sale
Who doesn’t love a great sale? Have all your proceeds donated to United Way Bruce Grey.

BBQ Lunch or Dinner
Hold a BBQ at your local of choice (outside your workplace, somewhere with high traffic, a family bbq, etc) with the cost of the yummy food and beverages going to the United Way.

At the end of the hallway or playing the real thing.

Board Game event
In a room with a large enough table, hold a board game event for some fun with an entry fee. To make it more attractive, you could split the money with whoever wins the game(s).

Car Wash
Wash cars in parking lots at the location of your choice (as long as you have permission and are safe). Charge a flat minimal fee.

Casual Days
Charge a donation fee to wear casual clothes on Friday or free when you return your pledge form.

Hold a Celebration at the end of your campaign to thank all your volunteers and donors and celebrate
your success!

Chili or Soup Cook-off
Compete for bragging rights for the best chili or soup! Charge a small fee per bowl and include rolls for

Coffee Cart
Hand out free coffee and/or donuts as they distribute pledge forms and brochures. This event is great for workplaces that employ shift workers or those who can’t leave their desks for traditional events.

Compile a cookbook of employee recipes and sell them to raise money for United Way.

Crossword Puzzle
To create awareness, generate a crossword puzzle using clues and answers from United Way’s website.
Award small prizes to the person who answers all questions correctly.

Dress Up Days
Wear RED for United Way or dress according to a specific theme to build energy and excitement.

Golf Tournaments
Have a golf day at a course or create your own at the location of your choice and make it a fun fundraiser.

Lunch & Learn
Offer free information sessions during the lunch hour. Arrange for an Agency Speaker to present. Encourage employees to bring their own lunch.

Office Olympics or Mini-Golf
Schedule noon-hour events each day during your campaign to promote team spirit and encourage interdepartmental competition. Charge a flat fee per team and donate proceeds to United Way.

Piggy Bank Challenge
Groups decorate piggy banks. Have a best-dressed pig competition or the biggest pig with the most dollars. Piggy banks are then used for employees to drop off their change during the campaign. Alternatively, have collection jars beside cash registers or vending machines and collect donations all year long.

Pie Throwing Competition
Pay to throw a pie in participating faces of your coworkers, family, or friends.

Pizza Day
Order pizzas for lunch and charge per slice.

Scavenger Hunt
Promotes team spirit and encourages inter-departmental competition. Charge a flat fee per team and donate proceeds to United Way.

Spelling Bee
Use United Way words (messaging, agency names, etc.), to create awareness and promote team spirit.

Talent Show / Karaoke
Encourage employees to compete for the title of “Workplace Idol”. Executives or Local Celebrities can
guest judge. Charge the audience that comes to watch a fee.

Themed Events
Coincide your campaign and/or event with the current season or holiday (Back to School, Thanksgiving,

Include questions about United Way and your own campaign to create awareness. Award a prize to the person who answers all questions correctly.

Ugly Sweater Day / Ugly Tie Day
You can vote on their favourite (or “ugliest”), and use it as a fun event.

Video Game Tournament
Individuals or teams pay to play faves like Guitar Hero, Rockband and Wii Olympics. Teams can dress
the part.