CNOY Supporting Saugeen Shores 2023

In 2023, the impactful initiatives and generous grants from the United Way of Bruce Grey made a significant difference in the lives of Saugeen Shores residents, providing crucial support amounting to over $52,000.

The 211 helpline played a pivotal role, receiving 747 calls from the Saugeen Shores/Saugeen First Nation area in 2023. The financial value of these calls is estimated at $3,309.21, underscoring the vital assistance offered through this service.

The Utility Assistance Program assisted 16 households in Saugeen Shores, benefiting 24 adults, 3 seniors, and 8 children. With grants totaling $11,700, this program demonstrated a steadfast commitment to easing financial burdens. Additionally, 13 households received essential support with wood, oil, or propane.

The Financial Literacy Program made an impact, engaging with 17 clients from Saugeen Shores, equating to a monetary value of $1,275.

The Backpack Program, dedicated to supporting students in need, distributed a commendable total of 238 fully stocked backpacks in 2023. This invaluable service incurred a cost of $8,734.60.

Further contributing to the community’s well-being, Homelessness to Housing Supports allocated $3,026.09 in assistance.

The 2023 Granting Results highlighted beneficiaries such as the “Send a Kid to Horse Camp” program by P.R.A.N.C.E and Southampton Arts Studio.

In summary, over $52,000 was spent in Saugeen Shores during 2023. The funds, raised through The Coldest Night of the Year, enable United Way Bruce Grey to sustain and expand its support, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to enhancing the lives of residents in Saugeen Shores through a range of impactful programs and grants.

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