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Happy Pride 2021!

June is #PrideMonth and throughout the month (and always) we are celebrating the 2SLGBTQ+ community as well as diversity and acceptance of others. It’s heartwarming to see pride flags flying throughout Bruce and Grey. The flag is steeped in meaning and significance. It was designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert

#FinancialFridays: The Province of Ontario has announced changes to the Seniors Dental Care Program and the Seniors Prescription Co-Payment Program.

Of interest to seniors: The provincial government has announced changes to Ontario’s Seniors Dental Care Program and the Seniors Co-Payment (Prescription Drugs) Program. The changes to these two programs will take effect August 1st, 2021. The Income Threshold to be eligible will increase from an annual income of $19,300 to

#FinancialFridays: The Government of Canada announces more support for parents with young children. Learn more here.

The Federal Government has announced more financial support for parents with their Canada Child Benefit Young Child Supplement (CCBYCS). Families with children under the age of six in 2021 who receive the Canada Child Benefit will receive an additional supplement beginning May 28th. If your family’s net income (income after

#FinancialFridays: 250 people have accessed our Financial Literacy Program. We are here for you.

Our Financial Literacy Program relaunched in June 2020 and this week marked the 250th person accessing the program. 62% of those who accessed the program completed a budget with our Financial Literacy Program Coordinator. A budget is an important tool for understanding your current financial situation and making a plan

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