2021 Granting Call

2021 Community Impact Grants

Annually United Way Bruce Grey raises funds within our community to invest in projects that meet local needs. Some of these funds are made available for distribution as part of the United Way’s Allocation granting process.

The United Way is issuing a granting call for area charities to apply for funding to support the broader community in 3 priority areas:

  • From poverty to possibility –We are looking for initiatives that meet people’s basic needs for food, shelter and safety; as well as those that ensure individuals have opportunities to seek stable and sufficient employment, and make education, training and learning opportunities affordable and accessible for all.
  • Healthy people, strong communities –We are looking for initiatives that reduce barriers and isolation for those with addictions and mental-health issues through counselling, referrals, rehabilitation and other services. As well, services that support seniors and individuals with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities.
  • All that kids can be – We are looking for organizations that are supporting the healthy growth and development of young people. This means actively targeting the source of their challenges and working to address systemic issues.

Applicants must:

  • Be registered charities under the Income Tax Act, or agencies which have an established third-party sponsorship or partnership agreement with a registered charity
  • Demonstrate creative responses to the continuing economic and social changes affecting social services
  • Engage and mobilize community
  • Meet a clearly defined need
  • Address underlying causes of social issues
  • Collaborate with, and have the support of, other community groups
  • Measure and demonstrate the outcomes of the funded program/project and commit to Open Data sharing

Community Impact Grant Guide

Links to grant applications:

Part A – General information of charity applying – click here

Part B – Program information for each program being applied for – click here

The 2021 granting is done online through SurveyMonkey. No paper applications will be accepted. Staff are available to walk you through the process if you have questions. We strongly suggest you download and review the questions prior to starting the application.

Application questions in PDF format to guide your application

Part A should only be filled out once – this is the general information of the Agency/charity applying

Part B should be filled out for each unique funding request per program


Agency ABC has 2 programs they are seeking funding for. They fill out Part A once with all the information requested about them as the ABC agency. they then fill out Part B for Program #1 and then another Part B for Program #2

Questions? Reach out!